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    30 March at 12:56 from atlas

    Minimising Accounting Costs
    Our aim is to create a professional happy and friendly working relationship which gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best possible service at a reasonable cost. So just to help here are some common questions and the answers that some of you have asked recently:

    How do Accountants Charge?
    Most Accountants charge by time. The longer it takes to prepare your Return, the dearer it's going to be. The more presentable you submit your accounts, the quicker we can get it done, and the more cost effective it is. If you are unsure, just ask how best to present your accounts to keep your fees down.

    Can you give me a quote for a job?
    Whilst some jobs can be quoted up front others can only be done on a time basis. If you would like an upfront estimate please ask. The same business can take twice as long depending on how the books are presented.

    The MYOB / Quickbooks salesman said that the software should reduce my bookkeepeing/accounting costs, but it's actually increased? (why)
    Many software packages claim to reduce the accounting costs however efficient computerisation of your accounts depends solely on the input. Please be warned that costs can go up if you are a relatively small business and you require a bookkeeper as well as the software.
    If you are unsure please ask us to assess your accounting software requirements.

    My previous accountant was extremely expensive and never returned my calls, how do I know you are not the same?
    We pride ourselves on a better service at lower prices. Our aim to deliver our services at lower charge out rates Our aim to answer your questions within the same day or at the latest the next day and provide you reasonable turnaround times of your work.

    How do we best use your services economically?
    Our business sells our knowledge through the charging of our time. If the task takes only 5 minutes (like a phone call) then it's done for free. More than this is charged at the appropriate rate. It's extremely important for our ongoing working relationship that you are clear about the way we operate. This will only result in more value to you going forward.

    I want more than simply getting my Tax Return done?
    That is great because we specialise in the more ..... We specialise in tax planning, business coaching and business development. As well as business structuring and structuring of investments such as properties. We understand that you need a range of services that are applicable to specific needs. We also assist with financial planning, loans and insurance.

    If you have any more questions you would like aswered please call.